Do You Know What's Lurking in Your Mobile Home?

Schedule a manufactured home inspection in Murrieta or Temecula, CA

Manufactured, or mobile, homes have become more and more popular over the last few decades. With this rise in popularity, it's important to understand what you're getting with a manufactured home and how it's different from a stick-built home. Sunshine Home Inspections provides comprehensive manufactured home inspection services, so you rest assured that the home you're buying is safe and meets all current standards.

Before you sign, schedule a mobile home inspection in Murrieta or Temecula, CA.

Get the right inspection for your mobile home

Get the right inspection for your mobile home

Our home inspections provide a complete report for any type of home, but there are specific concerns with manufactured homes that should be addressed. The foundation of a mobile home needs to meet different requirements than a stick-built home. Your mobile home inspection will also look for:

The manufacturer's info sticker
Missing or loose trim, skirting or siding panels
Any site-built add-ons
I-Beams that are bent or rusted
The condition of the foundation piers
The condition of the vapor barrier
Adequate perimeter blocking
Adequate anchor straps
Adequate floor framing
Correct masonry pier caps
Adequate soil anchors

This complete picture will help you decide if a mobile home is right for you. Find out more about the manufactured home inspection in Murrieta, CA now.